3D-printed system could lower cost of stem cell production

he new system was produced through a fast and precise 3D printing technique called digital light processing (DLP), which enabled the researchers to fabricate their complex design with high resolution and robustness

Stem cells offer promising treatment options for many types of diseases and injuries ranging from arthritis, to diabetes, to cancer, due to their unique ability to replace damaged cells. However, current methods used to harvest stem cells from bioreactors are labor-intensive, time-consuming and expensive, making large-scale stem cell manufacturing challenging and limiting widespread patient access to stem cell therapies. Now, researchers from the University of Technology Sydney, in collaboration with Australian biotechnology company Regeneus, have developed a novel 3D-printed harvesting system that lowers the costs and labor associated with stem cell harvesting, offering a potential avenue to improve stem production operations and expand patient access.

Release date : 2022/06/19
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