Glands and metabolisms Laboratory

This department includes 4 sections (hormone, hematology, biochemistry, and serology). Experienced specialists by high-level equipment and devices provide services for Specialist doctors, and help them to accurate and correct diagnosis. For example, some devices are Mindray, Siemens, Cobas, Abbott, Architect 1000i, 2000i and …. all the routine tests are done every day in this department. All of the biochemistry factors, hormones factors, other metabolites, mineral and organic materials that are in tests list are done in this department. early diagnosis of metabolic diseases and endocrine disorders (such as hypothalamus, pancreas, parathyroid, pituitary gland, reproductive glands such as ovaries and testicles, thyroid and thymus causes) causes prevention and correct treatment. Clinical medical research in this department is focused on bone marrow and mineral metabolism and endocrine neoplasia. Also, this department's activities include investigations of osteoporosis and signs caused by breast cancer and other cancers. in addition, the role of growth factors, bone matrix proteins, prostaglandins and other molecules involved in the regulation of bone cell function and the clinical care of diabetes are analyzed in this department. Also, the hematology department of Noble Laboratory has been performing all specialized tests under the supervision of a hematology specialist. and tests related to transplant surgeries are done using flow cytometry technique. 


Dr Afsane Haratian