Immunology department of Noble Laboratory

The immunology department of Noble Laboratory is one of the most equipped departments of the laboratory, which is at the service of dear doctors and dear people by using the most up-to-date technologies and accurate and sensitive devices. In this department, we use devices such as Aklides and fluorescence microscopes and the use of authentic kits with high accuracy and sensitivity, we are trying to help with the most correct answers and diagnosis of diseases so that the treatment processes are carried out by dear doctors in the right way and at the on time. The most complete panels of safety tests and tests such as Anti-sm, anti-dsDNA, ANA, PRPPA, AHA, Anti-CLA, Anti-PLA, …. And also, diagnostic tests to check at least 290 allergens in patients with allergies can be done in this section with the same Alex technology in ImmunoCAP. for more information and familiarization of with Immunology Department of Noble Labs, refer to Equipment and Tests section.

Dr Mohammadreza Sheikhsajadiye

Flow Cytometry Department
The Flow Cytometry Department of Nobel Laboratory conducts diagnostic tests in an independent and specialized manner using the fluorescence flow cytometry method. In this method, the cells are examined and detected by laser lights, so the mentioned method has high accuracy and high speed which can help doctors to diagnose true and on time.  Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies with sensitive color labels are used to observe the cellular details needed to diagnose all kinds of diseases. Tests related to transplant surgeries are performed in this department.